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New year, new goals, right? Wrong – often we find our teams talk the good talk towards the end of the previous year, giving us a final HOORAH before the holiday season. In reality, everyone is exhausted and over-stimulated which means the hype built up pre-holiday season is short lived and often conversations are forgotten. That final push often turns into a deeper slump when the new year kicks off. You find teams are no longer aligned, although energised and ready for a new year – not quite sure where to start and how.

Here are 4 goals for your CX team to thrive in 2021

  1. Improve how you measure customer experience satisfaction

With the year brings new challenges – organisations need to review the previous year, what worked and what didn’t work. From here, it is crucial that you place measurement frameworks and processes as a top priority for the year to ensure that your CX team remains on top their goals for 2021. Whether through NPS (Net Promoter Scores) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Scores), keeping customer data relevant to your day-to-day processes, you’re already kicking off the new year on the right foot!

  1. Commit to being an accountability partner with your customers

Proactive customer engagement and committing to becoming their partners will help transform your organisation into a customer-obsessed people-focused business. 2021 will prove to be the year of customer-culture – has your organisation already listed this as a goal for 2021? If not, then you need to prioritise your customer right now.

  1. Omni-channel experiences

2021 will be the year that just about every organisation moves into an omni-channel environment. Organisations who’ve yet to adopt an omni-channel experience will risk seeing their customers move further and further from their reach and land comfortably into the lap of their competitors. There are few frustrations that cause customer migration quite like a failed omni-channel experience – this is your year to show your customers that you are there for them no matter the time of day, platform or channel they use.

  1. Build and commit to a customer experience strategy

Over the years the adoption of organisation-wide strategies has fast gained popularity when it comes to aligning internal product delivery streams with CX goals and objectives. However we continue to see organisations fail at using their strategies to navigate their business units through their customer journeys. A strategy is designed to provide a clear roadmap and blueprint of the organisational goals and how to achieve them. Without this roadmap your organisation is quite literally driving in the dark through an inside-out approach. Let this be a goal for 2021 – seek out experts in CX strategy to help your organisation build a sustainable and actionable customer experience strategy that will not only deliver on the goals of the organisation, but take your business to new heights as well.

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