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Customer behaviour is always changing, trends are always evolving and expectations are higher than ever. Organisations are now at a crossroads when it comes to customer retention and attraction – yes, we have customer data that shows us how they interact with our brands through various journeys – but what happens when we have mass drop offs that lead to competitor migration? Does your organisation know where your customers are going when they drop off? Does your organisation know why your customers are dropping off? Here are 6 reasons you may be losing customers.

  1. Poor customer service experience

It’s no secret that experience is the new currency when it comes to customers. It’s no longer about your product or your price points, customers are now choosing to spend their money on better experiences that make them feel more connected with the brands they love rather than chase the latest promotion or sale item. Fewer things can spoil your brand customer relationship quite like bad service. And with more people online that ever before in history, word spreads faster than you can imagine.

  1. Failed to meet expectations

You know how when you see a great ad, with a product or a service so inviting that you simply cannot ignore exploring it further? Only to find that either the product was out of stock, or worse, you had a bad experience with the product when you received it – quality, promise failure or worse. That’s right, we’ve all had this experience and we all know, first hand, that it’s an instant brand repellent. Customers who have had their expectations fall short of simply amazing will run for the hills faster than you send that thank you note!

  1. You didn’t show value

Price may be important during the purchasing journey, but at the end of the day, customers are buying the experience – whether it’s the experience they have with you, or the experience of using the product or service. Your customers are investing in you. If your customers feel they aren’t getting the value promised – well, that feels a little like the bag of crisps we buy today – it’s a large packet, but inside, its only half full.

  1. Inconsistency in your brand

Customers prefer the comfort of a brand that appears altogether. Even better if they really are. If your organisation is projected mixed signals, inconsistency in the experiences on both your digital and within your brick and mortar locations, then you’re probably seeing your customers respond with the same confused and baffled behaviour. Hot and cold brands are risking their customers moving onto competitors that have smooth campaigns, seamless experiences and outstanding servicing strategies.

  1. You’re not learning from your mistakes

Organisations that continue to work on an inside-outside model when it comes to customer experience will be saying arrivederci to their customers. Continuous revision and iteration is key in ensuring that organisations remain on top of customer expectations and preferences. Know your customer, and walk their journeys with them. Learn from their reviews and their feedback and action on their recommendations and the on the recommendations of customer experience experts who are knowledgeable in the world of your customer.

  1. Your experiences or journeys are out of date

Old ways will not triumph in the fast-moving digital world. The always connected customer has no time to waste on long tedious tasks. They want intuitive, innovative experiences that do most of the work for them. They want organisations to know what they want before they do. Long forms, slow loading times and complex navigations have no place in the future of experience design. If your organisation is still creating processes and experiences that are losing more customers than delighting, then it’s time to seek the advice if trained CX experts.

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